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"Veteran information gets lost, there are communication failures, and they have to re-register and discuss the same trauma over and over again because of lack of unified information. Giving patients' doctors and service providers the ability to read from the same playbook will save lives."

This problem is not unique, we see it in Healthcare, Finance, Tech, Commerce and so many other organizations. Let's fix it. 

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About Us

LinkTempo was founded by two people who come from different walks of life but share a passion and an understanding that technology can make lives better. One of our founders is a US Military Veteran and is now a Chaplain who volunteers with the American Legion and Royal British Legion and strives to better the lives of veterans and their families who suffer after having given much. He is also a technologist who created some of the first content delivery networks, innovated globally distributed security orchestration networks, and pioneered cloud streaming and persistent content delivery with digital signage. One of our founders is an innovator having created award-winning companies and built products in the Data Delivery and Integration, Network and Datacenter Operations, Automated Retail, and latest in Quantum Resilient Security, for which he was recognized as one of the Top 51 CTO’s in the Quantum Computing field.  

Both are driven by a passion and a belief that technology can be used to make lives better at home and at work. They are joined by a team of equally passionate leaders, innovators and builders. Our team has had countless contributions to security and privacy, innovation and development, and education. Team whose work is now being used by thousands of people in millions of devices. Team who have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many industries are now developing LinkTempo technologies to build the next generation of secure and confidential information delivery and exchange networks. 

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